Stressing and worrying may be worth nothing in the end but it’s not that easy to stop, it’s not easy to convince your mind to not overthink itself into a dilemma, I can’t just shut it off or make it go blank, my thought processes cannot be stopped. Yet, sometimes, a lot more nowadays, I’m realising that more than anything, I live a blessed life, and I don’t need to worry about many aspects of it. Recently, I’ve seen people close to me experience a lot more, not understanding how people could be so hurtful, so cold hearted and seeing others just dealing with all of this, dealing with health issues with no one to care for them, dealing with having no family even after having one, feeling upset while no one understands how you feel but then I see humanity and unity and it makes everything right again, I see that they won’t end up having to deal with everything themselves, it makes me happy. What makes me happiest though, is knowing that I played a part in that happiness. Through all of this, I think and think and think and the one realisation I’ve come to? I’m grateful for my life and my family, I’m grateful for all the things and people in my life because without them, I may not have survived and I may not be the person I am today. Even those that hurt me, I credit them because they’ve taught me things and I’ve learnt a lesson so here is me realising that my problems aren’t the worst out there so yes, I’m still allowed to whine and complain every now and then but at the end of the day, I am going to be grateful that I only deal with this much and not more.

Let us all think about all the happiness and blessings in our lives, even the little things 💕


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